Everything you need here at Dakini Arts.

We are experienced in all marketing forms, posters, leaflets, digital marketing and can also bring it all together with a website. Keeping your marketing consistent is the key to making your business look professional and trustworthy.

WordPress Sites

Websites are often complex and getting the content and design right is absolutely imperative. If you are looking for a budget option we can make your site look like a premium site with an awesome design.  We can take a WordPress theme, free or bought, and use it to display your product to its best. We have done this with our own site here. Here are a couple of examples of other businesses that have chosen a WordPress theme:

Bespoke Sites

We can also work with a client to design the perfect bespoke site for them that gives the right message to their client. Using their original branding or a branding theme we have decided on we can pull together a stylish design for them. This is a much dearer option but you get the satisfaction of a site made exactly to your requirements.

Here are examples of bespoke sites: